This Year’s Charity

World Pediatric Project

All the money raised goes to World Pediatric Project St. Louis whose mission is to heal critically ill children and build healthcare capacity in the world.

World Pediatric Project mobilizes dozens of pediatric diagnostic and surgery specialist teams each year.  Annually, more than 2,000 children receive diagnostic or surgical care in their home countries or regions.

World Pediatric Project is a global network linking worldwide pediatric surgical, diagnostic and preventative resources to heal critically ill children in developing countries. Through donated surgical and medical services, volunteer service, and donors’ generous support, we provide the practical means for children to receive state-of-the-art surgical services. By establishing an international network of child health partners we will provide the medical skills, financial resources, and organizational coordination to care for the surgical needs of children who have no other hope.

Your life will change when you help a child who would otherwise suffer or die. No donation is too small, and every gift matters!

You can learn more about World Pediatric Project at:

Can't make the event, but still want to help?